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We Respect Your Privacy

Cat Media understands that privacy is important to you. Cat Media respects the privacy of all our customers and business contacts. This document sets out our Privacy Policy, and describes how we will handle the personal information that you provide to Cat Media.

Cat Media is also subject to the requirements of the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). The NPPs, which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), govern how organisations must handle personal information from 21 December 2001. Cat Media may collect personal information about you online if you use our websites www.naturopathica, or (our website). If you do use our website, please be aware that this Privacy Policy also outlines our approach to online privacy issues (at clause 5 below). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as usage of our website is conditional upon you agreeing to be bound by it.

The Cat Media Privacy Policy applies to the entities listed at the end of this policy, and is organised into the following sections:

  1. What Personal Information Does Cat Media Collect and how is it used?
  2. Will Personal Information be Given to Anyone Else?
  3. Security of Personal Information
  4. Access and Correction
  5. Online Privacy issues
  6. How to Contact Cat Media
  7. Changes to this Privacy Policy and Additional Information

1. What Personal Information Does Cat Media collect and how is it used?

Cat Media needs to collect a range of different types of personal information in order to conduct its business. Personal information is any information or opinion about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be determined from the information or opinion.

The types of personal information that Cat Media collects will depend on the nature of your dealings with us.

Customers. If you are a person who uses our healthcare products, we may collect personal information about you if you are involved in any of our promotions such as the FatBlaster Challenge or if you send us queries about our products to our website. The reason we collect this information is so that we can assist you with your queries and your use of our products. If you are a pharmacist or health food store or general retailer staff, we collect this personal information so that our sales staff can arrange meetings with you and so that we can provide you with updates about our products and services and manage our relationship with you. We may also need to use personal information about you for legal reasons (eg product recalls).

Other business contacts. We may collect the business contact details of other people we do business with, such as the contact people in external service providers or government regulators. This information is only used for the business purpose for which it was collected, such as managing a particular contract, or making inquiries about the application of laws to our business.

Cat Media does not collect information that it does not need.

If you do not wish to receive updates and promotional material about Cat Media's products and services, please let us know. Our contact details are set out in clause 6 of this Privacy Policy.

2. Will Your Personal Information be given to anyone else?

Cat Media may provide your information to other parties that are providing offers, services or events that are specifically related to the request or inquiry you originally made. Personal information may also be disclosed outside of Cat Media in the circumstances described below.

(a) Outsourcing
Personal information collected by Cat Media may be disclosed to third parties to whom Cat Media contracts out specialised functions. Disclosures required or permitted by law Cat Media may disclose personal information if this is required by law or permitted under the Privacy Act. This may include disclosures to regulatory bodies (such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration) where Cat Media has a legal obligation to make such disclosures.

3. Security of Your Personal Information at Cat Media

Cat Media takes steps to ensure the security of personal information we hold. Our IT systems are password restricted and comply with relevant security standards.

4. Access and Correction

(a) Access
Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to request access to the personal information which Cat Media holds about you (although there are some exceptions to this). You also have the right to ask us to update or correct your personal information when it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If you wish to exercise your right under the Privacy Act to seek access to the personal information that Cat Media holds about you, we ask that you contact Cat Media, using the contact details set in clause 6 of this Privacy Policy.

To summarise, in the first instance, Cat Media will generally provide you with a summary of the information we hold about you. We will assume (unless you tell us otherwise) that your request relates to our current records about you. These current records will include personal information about you which is included in our databases and in paper files, and which we may use on a day to day basis.

To provide you with access to your personal information, Cat Media will ordinarily provide you with a copy of the relevant personal information (ordinarily, a print-out from a database or a photocopy of files recorded only in paper form). If personal information about you (for example, your name and address) is duplicated across difference databases or paper files, we will generally only provide you with one print-out of this information, rather than multiple print-outs. Cat Media will not charge you for the cost of providing this type of access to these current records. If the personal information we collected about you has been de-identified such that we can no longer identify this information as being about you, you will not be given access to the de-identified information.

For legal and administrative reasons, Cat Media may also store records containing personal information in its archives. You may seek access to these non-current records held by Cat Media which are not current records, but if you do, please be aware that it may take time to locate these records, and we may charge you for the cost of providing access. Also, please be aware that if the relevant personal information was collected before 21 December 2001, Cat Media will only provide you with access in accordance with section 16C of the Privacy Act 1988. Section 16C states that access must only be provided to personal information collected before 21 December 2001 if we use and disclose that information after that date, and that providing access would not cause an unreasonable administrative burden or unreasonable expense.

Cat Media's Privacy Officer will contact you to discuss how we will handle your request for access to non-current records.

(b) Correction
After we have provided you with access, if you are of the view that the personal information we hold about you is not accurate, complete or up to date, please let our Privacy Officer know. Please use the contact details set out at clause 6 below.

Alternatively, if you are already aware that the personal information we hold about you is not correct (eg if you have changed your title, name or address) please use the space below to provide us with the updated information.

  1. My correct title is
  2. My correct name is
  3. My correct address/business contact details are

Cat Media's Privacy Officer will need to contact you in order to confirm and verify your request. For these purposes, please provide your daytime telephone number below. This information will only be used for the purposes of confirming, verifying and responding to your access request.

5. Online Privacy

As noted above, Cat Media may collect personal information about you from our website if it is volunteered by you. Otherwise, Cat Media does not collect personal information about you through our website.

Cat Media may collect non-personal information from you by your use of the website. For example, we might track information about the date and time you access our site, the type of web browser you use, and the website from which you connected to our site. Our websites collect this information by depositing "cookies" in your computer. This technology does not collect information which personally identifies you. Rather, this information is collected in an aggregate form. The cookies can tell us how and when pages in a website were visited and by how many people. This aggregate information enables us to improve our websites to serve and inform you better. It also may allow you to shortcut access to points of interest on our website when you re-enter our system.

Cat Media does not match any personal information we have collected about you with the anonymous navigation and other non-personal information which we collect when you visit our website. In general, Cat Media only uses cookies for security purposes and to assess the usage and to improve the functionality of our website. You may set your computer so that cookies are not placed on your system, however, disabling cookies may result in some reduction in the functionality and ease of use of this site.

6. How to Contact Cat Media

The Cat Media Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The Cat Media Privacy Policy will be made available to anyone who requests it. If you have any questions or comments about the Cat Media Privacy Policy, or if you wish to make a complaint about how Cat Media has handled personal information about you, please contact Cat Media's Privacy Officer by letter at:

Privacy Officer
Cat Media Pty Ltd
Level 13, 309 Kent St
Sydney , NSW , 2000 Australia

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy and Additional Information

Cat Media strives to comply with the National Privacy Principles, and we intend to comply with any industry privacy codes as and when they are developed.

If further privacy legislation and/or self-regulatory codes are introduced, or our Privacy Policy is updated, Cat Media will summarise any modifications or enhancements in this section of our Privacy Policy.

For further information about privacy issues and the protection of privacy visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website at Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 18 December 2001.

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